About us

Since 2001 we’ve been designing, constructing and delivering high quality developments across the UK

We offer clients a turnkey approach that incorporates architecture, interior design and project management all under one roof.

With our design, build and site teams, we manage all building projects in-house, from architectural drawings and surveying through to build and the final handover to property management companies. We are particularly committed to the construction of new builds and the refurbishment of disused heritage buildings, transforming them into sustainable, high-spec developments.

Our approach

Our turnkey approach to sustainable construction, design, and development helps us achieve our vision of making the UK a better place. Everything we do at Beech Design & Build is focused around designing buildings that work with the planet, not against it. Combing our world-class design solutions, we meet and exceed our Client’s brief every single time.

Eco specialists

Our design team specialise in energy efficient new builds and refurbishments. When we design, construct and refurbish developments, we make every effort to ensure that not only are they energy efficient and eco-friendly, but also use timeless, natural materials and sustainable features.